Top 20 Emerging UHNW Philanthropists

Wealth-X released a report identifying the top 20 emerging high-net worth philanthropists around the world.  The individuals were selected based on their efforts to “emulate forebearers of modern major giving, such as Carnegie and Rockefeller.”

Relevant insights from the two page report for Asia:

* 5 of the 20 are from China; 8 of the 20 are from Asia.
* 7 of 20 are from India and China, contributed $250M over the last three years.
* 56% of Asian emerging mega donors gave to educational causes.
* Asian donors give on average a larger portion of their income to philanthropy compared to the average American.
* 40% of the top 20 are below age 60.

From this limited information, it seems that the typical profile of an Asian donor is: Indian or Chinese, under 60 years old and gives to educational causes. If they are to emulate Carnegie and Rockefeller, could we assume they have private foundations that is professionally managed?

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