What is the OneVietnam Network?

On the Picked Radish blog, XuanThu Pham posted an article describing how OneVietnam Network works and how users can use it to learn about pressing issues in the Vietnamese American and Vietnamese community. The unique space creates a community for those that care and take action.

Monday 7/19 marked the day of OneVietnam Network’s launch to the public. By signing up for your free account at www.onevietnam.org will instantly connect you to its community. It continues to attract interest and engagement from its community members, Vietnamese individuals, and others passionate about Vietnam all over the world. As a consultant for OneVietnam Network, I am excited to see how powerful it already is. With its recent round of funding from the Ford Foundation – it will no doubt be in a trajectory of growth and good things to come.

OneVietnam is not just a Web 2.0 social community platform. It’s a place where you can learn about pressing issues that go far beyond the topics of food or the historic war. The focus is more on the “today” and “what is urgent and needs our attention” to develop a stronger future. What is agent orange and is it still a problem today? What can be done to help eliminate the deplorable act of human trafficking of women and children? How can I make a difference in someone’s life today? These are questions that can be answered, discussed, and debated as you explore the resources provided by OneVietnam.

While there is a star-cast of board members that have guided and advised them, the founding team is at the heart of creating the vision and making OneVietnam a reality. From countless brainstorming jam sessions, to development and execution of the community – no amount of funding or availability of top notch advisors can force an idea to happen. These talented and dedicated members of the founding team saw an opportunity and seized it.

What can you do on OneVietnam Network?

Towncenter: Want to learn more about the many cities and towns in Vietnam? Do you want to make an impact and help with issues such as human trafficking and providing basic education for the underprivileged? Towncenter is where you can watch videos and read articles to learn more about these subjects.

Neighborhood: Start conversing with others in the entire OneVietnam community – the main interactive feature of this page. Share your thoughts and questions in addition to posting photographs, videos, and more. In the “Directory” tab, find friends and groups to converse with and join. The “Backroom” is a private space where you can invite friends to have private conversations. This is also where you can see your main profile on the side navigation.

Home: “Home” is exactly what it suggests – your personal page. Here, the conversations between you and your friends as well as the groups you’ve joined are displayed. The “Profile” tab shows your custom information that you opt to share, and the “Friends” tab allows you to search for your friends, new people to connect with, and groups to join.

Want to learn more about how OneVietnam can enhance your experience with joining a community, making an impact on social issues, developing personal connections, and understanding of what it means to be Vietnamese in the world? Sign up now at OneVietnam Network!

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